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Why does the City of Herington require the ANS certification?
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Why does the City of Herington require the ANS certification?
The Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) certification requirement is an effort the City of Herington has put forth to help control the introduction of the zebra mussel to our bodies of water.  The zebra mussel can overtake swimming areas and eat food supplies for the wanted aquatic life. Another important factor not only to Herington but the communities around that receive water from us is the damage they can do to the water system. Because the lakes are our water source it is extremely important we do what we can to protect them. The following quote shows what a nearby community has had to deal with.

From a May 17, 2017 news article in the Derby Informer.

“For four years, Council Grove had zebra mussels multiplying in their town’s water supply. In the fifth year, the town had no water pressure because the pipes were clogged shut with zebra mussels. It cost $850,000 to fix, but they will have to continue to clean out filters in the lake because once zebra mussels arrive in a lake they are impossible to extinguish without killing everything else.”

“According to the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website, zebra mussels cost an estimated $145 million per year to control in electric generating plants. They clog pipes, kill off native Kansas wildlife, create algae blooms, disrupt the food chain and their sharp shells cut bare hands and feet.”

Here are some tips from the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website on keeping our water safe of zebra mussels.

“The spread of zebra mussels can be prevented by draining all of the water from boats, live wells, and bait wells.

Thoroughly inspect your boat's hull and trailer for any zebra mussels and remove.

Wash equipment with 140-degree water (your local car wash hot water rinse).

Let equipment sit for 5 days.

Never take fish or plants from one lake and put them in another.

Never dip your bait bucket into a lake or river if it has water in it from another waterbody.”

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