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The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is launching a new campaign to encourage Kansans to mulch their leaves this fall.
Mulch mowing has many benefits.  By reducing the amount of leaves taken to the City brush pile, we will conserve space.  In addition, mulch mowing:

SAVES MONEY:  By using leaves as fertilizer it reduces the cost of purchasing lawn fertilizer, as well as, lawn & leaf bags.

SAVES EFFORT AND TIME:  Save your back by leaving mulched leaves in place rather than raking, bagging, or blowing them to the curb.

KEEPS YOUR PROPERTY HEALTHY:  The leaves will leave organic nutrients in your soil and feed your lawn, improve soil health, and retain moisture.

KDHE developed an online tool-kit that our community can use to encourage residents to mulch mow.  Please consider visiting this site to see the options available for you.


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