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Severe Weather
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Shelters and Procedures
SHELTERS...If you do not have a basement, move to the most interior room of your house.  Put as many walls as you can between you and the outside.  If there is time, the city has a FEMA SHELTER which is located in the New Elementary School at 1403 North D Street.  It is opened for weather situations by the fire department and the entrance is on the South side of the school near the High School gym.  An emergency vehicle and fire personnel will be stationed at the entrance to guide you in.  There is also a shelter in the basement at the Police/Fire Station at 700 South Broadway.

WEATHER PROCEDURES...There are five (5) Tornado Sirens located in Herington.  The sirens are designed to alert people that may be outside. 

If severe weather is in the area you should stay alert to possible changes.  In this part of the country it can change very fast.

It would be a good idea to have a weather radio or even a battery operated FM radio to monitor local stations.

When the sirens sound, it means that a tornado strike is imminent.

We have a policy that when a confirmed sighting has taken place within 10 miles of the city and is moving in our general direction, the sirens will be activated.  They will continue to sound until there is no threat or they lose power.  WE DO NOT SOUND AN ALL CLEAR!


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